Goals to achieve

We have had a long-standing relationship with Domtechnik as a real estate focused investor. We have been involved in a couple of their design projects. It is a company that is into property development for private owners. From paperwork to constructing, the Lucas and Paulina Empire is all you can think of. But now they wanted more; the company wanted its website to be built on WordPress. Saddled with this enormous task, we believed we had to proceed as soon as we could.

    The goals that have been set for us:

  1. 1A complete redesign of their logo
  2. 2 A light website runs on WordPress
  3. 3A user-friendly website for end-users and administrators
  4. 4High-resolution pictures that reflect competence
  5. 5A convincing presentation of how they approach their work
  6. 6 The site should contain their buildings "portfolio"
  7. 7 Include comples forms for valuation



Preparations before designing and development

This was familiar terrain for us, so we knew what we had to do. First, we had to educate our clients about the current design trends as it regards the industry mentioned above. After that, we enquired from our clients what their business needs were. We had to know what they were after. Lastly, we engaged timed research to unveil better ways to link our client′s goals with trending designs in the industry.


Design Implementation

The focus of the project was to get a stunning website that could run fast on servers without causing any drag on devices. We succeeded in creating those fantastic and light-weight designs for our client. Implementing them by our developers on the WordPress platform was a stroll in the park since we had considerable experience in that field of development.


Swift development

We proceeded with building a highly friendly user interface website on WordPress. Clients needed something they can efficiently operate without having to worry about technical knowledge. We had to include animation in the front-end, which was the best way to inform customers of how they did their job.

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Work effects

This project was supposed to stretch us to our limits, but we were comfortable with it because we applied the best practices in the course of our work. We can equally do the same for your project.

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Achieved goals

We were finally able to come up with a custom WordPress that was a masterpiece. We included all the pieces that were requested by the clients. The website was a responsive type that rendered beautifully on any device. We also coached clients on how to do necessary things like content editing, etc. helping them identify market strategies that will amass traffic on the site were also part of our responsibility, and we did that nicely.

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