Goals to achieve

KJF-Physiotherapy is a company that mimicked an employee recruitment agency and at the same time taught language courses to those who intended to work in France. They interacted with their clients via a robust website that was built by us. The thing is, they wanted some more features to be added to the website that can better convey their message to prospective clients. Our responsibility was simple – overhaul the old site.

    The goals that have been set for us:

  1. 1To engage potential customers
  2. 2Add payment gateway to buy lessons, courses, etc.
  3. 3To create tests, quizzes and educational games
  4. 4 Creating animations of promo videos
  5. 5To better promote course and full work offer in France



Identifying our client’s business needs, requirements and goals

We need to establish a link between the old website and the new website, as that was the fastest way to educate ourselves with the task ahead. We also had to identify the nature of the new workflow, if there had been any additional processes. After a couple of video conference meetings, we were able to point out their business needs.


Design implementation

Our client needed a smarter website with plenty of animations on the front-end. They specifically needed animations that would engage young people. It was obvious that we had to be very adept to pull this one off. Fortunately, we had designers who were good enough to implement the design needs our clients and even surpass those needs without blinking an eye lid.


Efficient development process

With animations on the front-end, games and payment gateways as part of this website, we needed the cleanest of codes to make this happen. Our developers made sure the codes were clean enough to allow the website run smoothly on any device without wasting time. Integrating the payment gateways was also a success. Their job would not be complete without the quizzes, tests and games that was demanded by the client.

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Work effects

You can already see that this was a big project, however, that did not stop us from doing a fantastic job. This will only be possible because we adhered to best practices during every stage of the project. Have a look at the website so you can have a clue of what we are capable of.

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Achieved goals

On handover we were able to present a website that adopted highly contemporary designs, had games, and quizzes to keep audience engaged at all times, was seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce, newer and more engaging animations to convey the message, etc. The website turned out to be a better platform for the intended purpose compared to the old version. It will be right for you to say we were the best choice for the project, hence, our client was very impressed at the end of the entire process.

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