Goals to achieve

Spitsbergen is an awesomely beautiful location with unique features that would enthrall any true lover of nature. Coupled with the unpopular but charming climate conditions of the Arctic, it was worth advertising before the world’s greatest tourists. Our team of designers and developers were saddled with the responsibility of fleshing out a website that could do the job of interacting with an unsuspecting community of Holiday Travelers that might be looking to embark on a yacht cruise. The main focus of the site was to get end-users to convert as much as possible.

Next we hit the project with a custom WordPress website. Our goal was to;

    The goals that have been set for us:

  1. 1Entice users with the climate of the "Arctic Seas" and "yacht cruises."
  2. 2Engage users with as little content as possible
  3. 3Direct users to buy a trip in a friendly manner
  4. 4Seamless integration with WooCommerce
  5. 5Fast and dynamic implementations
  6. 6Consulting various e-commerce and social media strategies.



Adapting a suitable website architecture

We had to schedule various meetings and video conferences with our clients so we could understand their needs, business goals as well as what was trending in the tourist industry. We had a great time engaging the men of the sea because they were full of enthusiasm and energy. This was a different project for us, as far as we are concerned, but we ended up giving it our best shot. Our goal was to educate users of the extraordinary climate conditions of the Arctic, get users excited and entice them into going for a cruise on the yacht.


Artistic design

With the help of our iterative design approach, we were able to carry out an overwhelming overhaul of the entire site that reflects our client's brand. With our creative edge in design technology, we were able to flesh out compelling pieces that made perfect sense of the problem we were trying to solve.


Finished 25% earlier

Implementation of suggested designs was a bit challenging as our developers had a huge task of developing a plethora of sub-pages. The site had an advance feature of various language preferences and a WooCommerce integration package. But in all, we managed to wind down the project in 3 weeks, which was one week lesser than the agreed deadline.

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Work effects

Browse through the various stages of the project implementation. Interact with the effectiveness of our strategies. If we can do this for this client, we can equally do it for you.

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Achieved goals

From the analysis of the market for cruises in the Arctic to the expectations of the tourism industry, we were able to craft out a solution that merely outmatched every other competitor in the business. Having delivered a website that contains as many relevant contents as possible, the chances of actualizing an increased conversion rate became very feasible. The architecture of the site also ensured the client would not have to spend much in the long-term.

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