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We always try to do our best to create the best solutions for your business and your customers.

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We specialize in creating websites for businesses that will convey their intended value propositions to clients in a more engaging manner. We help drive customer acquisition and sales to the highest levels by adding extra value to your business.

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We are a collective of experienced and creative professionals - designers, develepers, cartoonists and animators.Thanks to our many years of experience, constantly acquired knowledge, we are able to help you develop your project, company or startup. Thanks to our flexibility and ingenuity, we will solve almost all of your problems.

+50 projects completed successfully

And also several failures. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect. At work and in life you have to learn a lesson and become better and better. Thanks to all this, your project will be even better than the one we are working on right now. However, please do not hesitate long to contact us!

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Your website and your business are a perfect combination. It will be able to edit and develop your website in an easy and accessible way. So that it is always up-to-date and close to the needs of your customers. We can create many advanced solutions on Wordpress, but we also know where its capabilities are running out.

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That's what Chris from TamadyTour told us about in his review.Thanks to our commitment and understanding of clients, we build very strong and sold bonds with our clients. In addition, we rely on constant contact and good information about the state of the project. What is also important for us is the form and language of communication, we want you to be an active participant in the whole process and get satisfaction from it.

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Over the years, we have developed a proven way to Websites in a dynamic and effective way. All this so that you can enjoy the results of our cooperation as soon as possible.

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Maybe here you can find answers to your questions about website development

About website development?

Website development is a general term that comprises all the tasks required to build a site for internet or intranet purposes. The processes of web development include web design, web content development, client/server scripting and network security settings, etc.

Codenest is the 2nd Wordpress Agency in Poland according to Clutch.co

There are many WordPress development agencies on the market that can help you create and run WordPress website. If you decide on cooperation with us, we will fully use the potential and functions of the software. We put the usability of our projects first, which does not mean, of course, that we ignore the aesthetic issues.

We have a track record of building full-proof websites for our clients. Our success is based on our approach. First, we carry out extensive research into the problem our client is trying to solve. Secondly, we hand our top-class designers the responsibility of fleshing out multiple design choices for our client to choose from. Next, we engage front-end and back-end developers to implement codes that are of international standards. Even after the website is born, we can serve as consultants to our clients in helping them choose the right business strategy that will help them make enough profit from their business.

Our approach

No matter how fanciful a site is, if it is not addressing the business needs for which it was created, then it amounts to a waste of resources. With our wealth of experience in website development, we tailor your website to solving your business needs, and nothing more!

Foundation of excellent design

Our designs are always fond of satisfying our clients because we put together designs that directly address the business needs of our clients. We make sure the eventual User Interface and User experience are targeted at giving customers the desired satisfaction.

Front-end, what is it?

Front-end refers to the part of the website that is visible to every user. Your front-end has to be appealing if you are hoping to crack through the minds of your customers. Based on our expertise and skillset, we possess professionals that will give your website a fantastic look and feel on the front-end. We also make sure the solution we offer our clients must be accessible via any device or browser, as this is the only way businesses can reach out to as many customers as they can. We not only craft websites that are beautiful to look upon, but we also optimize your contents as well, so that the site will rank well on Google search engines.

Back-end development with WordPress

We give quality back-end development to our clients to ensure a dynamic website as well as a unique user experience. Our back-end developers love to make things easy for our clients by creating an admin dashboard that allows them to manage their site all by themselves. With the help of our WordPress theme, our developers can do a lot of awesome things.

Creating a website is just the beginning

The success of every internet marketing company is determined by their website. If you fail to give your site the attention it desires, then you will be helping your business to fail. You should not just build websites, instead, you should create websites that are easy to maintain and improve. Small businesses are bound to scale into larger businesses because customers' needs are one the thing that is ever dynamic. So your website needs to move with the trend. If you are struggling to find the right strategy to solve your business goals, we are glad to help you by sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

How to identify a properly developed website

  1. Every ideal website has its specifications spelled out from the outset.
  2. Clarity – business goals should be obvious in the course of development. When business goals are clearly spelt out, the site becomes very easy to develop.
  3. Usability - Successful websites are user-friendly. It should not take users ages before they know how to use it.
  4. Accessibility – for any website to adequately serve its business purpose, it has to be accessible to all devices and browsers.
  5. Navigation – it is better if users don't have to stroke too many clicks to get one thing done.
  6. Easy & Quick to maintain and develop – this depends on how the website was coded. If it was coded in line with best practices, then it will be easy to maintain. When you have a website that is correctly coded, implementing changes to the website to help it adapt to market trends will not be difficult. With a good website structure, you can also carry out tests on the site, in a bid to optimize its content and structure. How easy it is to maintain and develop a website can influence the failure or success of that business.

These are all the things you look out for when grading the success of a website, and as for us, we never build a website without incorporating these pieces into the project.

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